Fluke DSP4000 数字式电缆分析仪



  西蒙公司十二月初发表认证书,确认福禄克公司的DSP4000电缆分析仪可以对西蒙公司的System 6电缆系统进行认证的测试。西蒙公司所得出的结论是将DSP4000测试仪和高级的电缆分析仪的测试结果进行比较以后而作出的。其结论是福禄克公司的DSP4000可以对六类电缆系统提供极高的测试精度。在此之前,福禄克公司的 DSP4000已经得到了对西蒙公司System5eSM 和Premium5eSM的认可。

  • 为了满足测试的要求,福禄克公司的DSP4000应是:
    • 软件版本:2.2 或以上
    • 硬件版本:1.0 或以上
    • 标准版本:2.2 或以上


  • 基本链路的测试:DSP4000要使用链路适配器-DSPLIA081。西蒙公司正在和福禄克公司合作开发S210链路适配器。




Certified Installer Update


December 7, 1999

Effective Immediately -

The Siemon Company is pleased to announce the approval of the FLUKE DSP-4000 CableAnalyzer? field test unit for use in the qualification of Siemon System 6SM installations. This approval is based upon extensive laboratory evaluation of the DSP-4000 versus network analyzers using “scatter plot analysis” and field verification. This type of analysis allows Siemon to confirm that the DSP-4000 provides a very high degree of accuracy and correlation to the network analyzer in the category 6 and lower category performance regions. The DSP-4000 has been previously approved for basic link and channel testing of System 5eSM and Premium 5eSM solutions.

Although the DSP-4000 supports channel and basic link testing for category 5e and lower cabling, at this time, the unit can only evaluate the basic link performance of category 6 cabling (similar to the Microtest OMNIScanner?). The information below provides additional details on the unit’s category 6 capabilities.

Applicable Product Revision Levels: The following revision levels shall be used to identify approved Fluke DSP-4000 CableAnalyzer? units:

Software Revision: 2.2 or higher

Hardware Revision: 1.0 or higher

Standards Revision: 2.2 or higher

DSP-4000 Basic Link Measurement: To assess category 6 basic link performance with the Fluke DSP-4000, use Link Interface Adapter model number: DSP-LIA081. The Siemon Company is actively developing an S210 Link Interface Adapter with Fluke and will formally announce the adapter’s approval once it becomes available.

DSP-4000 Channel Measurement: The Fluke DSP-4000 channel testing capability is pending the development of a category 6 interface. The Siemon Company is actively working with Fluke to develop a category 6 channel interface as quickly as possible. We anticipate the availability of this interface to be sometime during the second quarter of 2000.

Submitting Test Results: Reports should preferably be submitted in .FCM format. Other acceptable formats are .TXT or .CSV.


Certified Installer

December 6, 1999


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